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Writing – Creativity with Words

Mark Twain"Writing is easy. All you do is cross out the wrong words."

Mark Twain

Clear and Convincing Message

Ideally, when we write, we create a clear and convincing message while maintaining the reader's attention. Ideally, we create engagement with our reader and build rapport.

Why Write?

Despite all the advances in technology, the written word is the most powerful method to influence people's mind. Since the invention of the printing press (remember the Gutenberg Screw Press from history class?) nothing has had a greater influence on human development. With the advent of the printing press, the Renaissance spread from Italy throughout Europe to France, Germany and England, bridging the cultural divide between the Middle Age and Modern History. That is powerful.

Stories Sell

Prior to the development of the printing press, information and knowledge was passed down through generations through storytelling. Today, storytelling is the most effective method of influencing people and your customers.

Crafting a good story, a story that accurately tells your customers and prospective customers, about the unique value you create takes the talents of a professional. The sentence rhythm, paragraph style and the choice of words all influence the reader's willingness to engage with your company. One simple word can change everything.

book 419589 1920Look at these examples:

– Perhaps you would like to increase your sales.

– You might want to give us a try.

– Maybe you'd be interested in working with us

These are all weak sentences (and I am sure you've heard them).

– You'll want to know about how we can increase your sales.

– You are going to love working with us.

– You have to have try our latest marketing training program.

A little stronger, eh? A single word can make all the difference.

How Does that Make You Feel?

When you touch "feelings" you start to create engagement and identification. Human nature is emotional. The automotive industry has done an excellent job of advertising to our feelings – feelings of inclusion, feelings of uniqueness, feelings of power, feelings of sophistication and, most importantly, feelings of satisfaction. All of us avoid pain and seek pleasure. A well-told story engages a reader and then brings them to the feeling that by working with your company, they will experience a high level of satisfaction. In short, they feel good about working with you. After all, who wants to feel stupid?

"How would you feel if I could solve your greatest challenge?"

"How would you feel if your phone was ringing off the hook?"

"How would you feel if we could rocket your sales?"

Plan, Create and Promote 

At Creative Technology we help you plan, create and promote a message that gets the attention of your ideal customer. And makes them say,

"Hey, this company is good at what they do.

They are helpful and can probably solve my problem.

I feel like I already know them, like them, and trust them."

Can your customers say that about you?

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