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Baseball bat and gloveHigh Performers Need a Coach

• Steve Jobs had Bill Campbell

• Warren Buffet had Benjamin Graham and Charles Monger

• Michael Jordan had Dean Smith

High-performing people have a trusted advisor, a mentor, a coach. Regardless of their current accomplishment, they continually refine and improve their work.    

Do you need a business coach?

A good business coach can make all the difference between being mediocre and high performance. First, ask yourself these three questions:

1. Are you highly motivated to change?

Executives and leaders who have a passionate desire to continually grow and develop get the most out of coaching.     

2. Do you need experienced, objective feedback?

The issues you deal with can be intense and deeply felt. It is important to have relationships built on candor and confidentiality. Working with a trusted advisor you will develop a relationship where it is safe not to have all the answers.

3. Do you need commitment for action?

Accountability is a key factor in your relationship with your business coach. Working with Tom Barrett you will develop a clear focus, a prioritized plan, and a commitment to get it done.

Who Can You Turn to for Real Advice?

Business coaching is not therapy. Business coaching is not consulting. Most business owners want long-term success and they can’t get there without some help. Coaching will:
  • Focus on the future;
  • Develop strategy;
  • Foster performance;
  • Ask the hard questions;
  • Discover your path;
  • Advise on business matters; and
  • Set goals.

Before working with Tom Barrett, I was a ship without a rudder. I did not have any clear direction. After working with Tom I now have focus and direction. The resulting sales increase has been nothing short of phenomenal.

– Robin Smith, President, RL Smith, LLC

Working with Tom changed my business over night. The ideas and action items put in place after our engagement started was a blessing I never saw coming. The platform his team helped me build inspired us to look at our business from a different perspective. I believe the tools we now have will help us achieve our long-term goals. Tom has my highest recommendation.

– Chad Silverstein, President, Choice Recovery

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